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Renal Resources - ANZDATA Registry

ANZDATA encourages widespread use of its data for a variety of purposes, including quality assurance, audit, surveys, reports and research projects, and we welcome enquiries as to use and interpretation of the information we collect. An important first step is to check both the main section and Appendices of the most recent Annual Report (
), as this contains much information.

We receive many data requests which vary in size and complexity. We encourage communication with the Registry to help us to meet your request, particularly if you have not used Registry data before. These and other data collection and analysis issues should be discussed with Stephen McDonald or Graeme Russ at the Registry ( This is particularly important when assessing whether a particular question has been previously addressed.

There are some conditions which apply to release and use of data:

  1. Data analysis may be performed by the registry or by the individual; this depends on the nature and extent of the project and the expertise of the requesting party.
  2. Data is released to specific people for specific projects; use for other projects or release to other people requires ANZDATA approval.
  3. Data which identifies individuals is never released
  4. Data which identifies hospital units is only released with the consent of the relevant unit Head.
  5. In late 2002, considerable discussion was held within the renal community about the policy regarding attribution of publication. As a result this policy was revised (see page viii of 2002 report), and now includes an institutional attribution to ANZDATA in many cases.

Any enquires should be directed to the

ANZDATA Registry,
Royal Adelaide Hospital
L9 East Wing
Adeliade, SA. 5000

Tel: (08) 8222 0951
Fax: (08) 8222 0985

The ANZDATA Registry staff welcome feedback on all aspects of the Registry's activities.