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Research Opportunity

Princess Alexandra Hospital - Hospital and Research Facility

The Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) is a major teaching and referral centre and one of the largest single hospitals in Australia. The Metro South and Ipswich Nephrology and Transplant Service (MINTS) is the only super-specialist renal service in Queensland and comprises Ambulatory Renal Services (including Multidisciplinary CKD clinic, Renal Transplant Clinics and Dialysis Access Surgery Co-ordination), Peritoneal Dialysis Unit, Home Haemodialysis Unit, In-Centre Haemodialysis Unit (including High-Dependency Haemodialysis Unit), 3 satellite Haemodialysis Units (Redlands, Logan, Ipswich), Inpatient Renal Ward (4BR) and Queensland Renal Transplant Services (servicing Queensland and Northern New South Wales).

Basic Science Research

Eythropoietin as a novel cytoprotective agent in acute kidney, brain and heart injury
Molecular pathways in age-associated chronic renal pathologies
The role of protease activated receptors (PARs) in progressive renal scarring, inflammation and failure using primary human kidney cell culture
Therapeutic application of adult mesenchymal stem cells in renal regeneration.
Mechanisms and therapeutic manipulation of renal cell carcinoma.
Targeting apoptotic pathways for treatment of renal cell carcinoma
Mitochondrial dynamics in the senescing kidney

Clinical Science Research

Multi-centre randomised controlled trials (HONEYPOT, HERO, FAVORED, PEXIVAS, BLOCADE, IMPROVE-CKD, ACTIVE Dialysis, IDEAL, AVATAR, CORAL, balANZ, CKD-FIX)
Prevention and treatment of peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis
Prevention and treatment of haemodialysis catheter-associated bacteraemia
ANZDATA Registry peritoneal dialysis research
Nocturnal home haemodialysis
Anaemia management and iron supplementation
Cardiac risk factor intervention focussed on exercise and lifestyle intervention
Cardiovascular structure and function abnormalities and relationship with CKD-MBD
Efficacy of multidisciplinary care for CKD
Cochrane reviews (peritoneal dialysis, anaemia treatment, erectile dysfunction)
Vitamin D research
Optimal timing of dialysis commencement
Metabolic syndrome and kidney disease
Enhancement of dialysis adequacy
Preservation of residual kidney function
Monitoring healthcare delivery quality
Optimization of the safety of anti-rejection drug protocols in kidney transplantation
Immunosuppressive drug pharmacokinetic studies
Skin cancer and lymphoma prevention in kidney transplant patients
BK virus nephropathy
Tumourectomised kidney transplants
Cystatin C for evaluation of renal function
CKD.QLD Registry projects


Professor  David  Johnson
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