Welcome to our new ANZSN President Professor Paolo Ferrari


Dear Members of ANZSN,


It gives me great pleasure to take over from Alan Cass as the President of your Society and to work with a dynamic and committed group of enthusiastic councillors.

The Executive Committee and Council of ANZSN have some exciting plans in place, to increase the visibility and relevance of ANZSN to its constituency. The Executive Committee will include Professor Jonathan Craig as President elect, A/Professor Germaine as Honorary Executive Officer and A/Professor David Mudge as Treasurer. The other Council members Dr Katherine Barraclough, Dr Nigel Tossaint, Dr Girish Talaulikar, Dr Ross Francis, as well as Dr Murray Leikis (NZ chapter representative) and Dr Joshua Kausman (ANZPNA chapter representative) will each hold a specific portfolio and will be accountable that matters within their portfolio are actioned in a timely fashion.


The ongoing reform of our structure and governance is well under way to fulfill the new vision, mission and values for the ANZSN. The Society has redesigned its organisational structure to increase communication with ANZSN subcommittees. This has involved the formation and consolidation of 4 key subcommittees of the Society, which now include the Clinical Policy Advisory Committee (CPAC), emerging from the previous DNT subcommittee; the Dialysis Advisory Committee (DAC), emerging from HDAC; the Scientific Program and Education Committee (SPEC); and the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), a newly developed subcommittee. Council will work with the existing and new subcommittees of the Society to achieve focused priorities for action.


Growing competition for research funding and increasing pressures on the medical research sector reduce the attractiveness of research as a career. Our newly formed Research Advisory Committee (RAC), with Professor Carol Pollock as Chair, will work with Council to better delineate the Society research priorities and advocate on the part of our members, and will receive resources to support research in nephrology.


Council is committed to reduce the administrative costs of the Society and to better direct resources towards supporting research and education, while also considering environmental sustainability and utilizing modern communication technology to reduce the need for face-to-face meetings.


ANZSN welcomes the appointment of the new KHA CEO, Ms Mikaela Stafrace. We met recently with the new CEO and with David Morgan, Chair of the KHA Board, to discuss opportunities to work more closely together and to improve communication between our organizations through regular meetings and greater collaboration in developing a shared and strategic advocacy agenda.


The ANZSN will strengthen its collaboration with the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN) and the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) as a partner in its Global Outreach Programs including Sister Renal Centres, CME, Educational Ambassador and Fellowships.   


The Council, Executive and I plan to keep all members of the Society informed about its activities via regular emails and via updates on the website.


Yours sincerely


Paolo Ferrari