Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology


At his inauguration, JFK uttered the memorable line “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. He could do that. He was POTUS, a country of 189M people.


In contrast, the ANZSN exists for its members and the kidney community more broadly. Our vision is for optimal health and wellbeing for people with kidney disease, but we also seek to prevent it. A big and bold vision.


In the last two-years we have sought to shape the ANZSN structure to match our mission – to support research, provide education and promote high quality clinical care. Most people don't care much for structures, but they do care about belonging to organisations that deliver on their aspirations.


The ANZSN is full of members with great talent, commitment and values. It is my belief that over the next 3 years collectively we will deliver on our mission. Through enactment of our strategic plan for research, through leveraged funding and partnerships, we will see a stepped change in our research output – research of all types – leading to improvements in care and outcomes for people with kidney disease. In education, we are committed to quality science informing clinical practice and training. In policy, we are committed to advocating that our patients receive the best care, delivered in an equitable and sustainable manner.


In some areas catch-up is needed. We must do more for Indigenous people with chronic kidney disease. We must have more Indigenous clinicians. We must promote early and mid-career clinicians and researchers, and we must demonstrate our commitment to women in leadership. All of this is possible.


I look forward to the next 3 years!



Jonathan Craig

ANZSN President