Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology

ANZSN Council Election - 2020

Standing for ANZSN Council Election in 2020
In 2020, nominations will be sought to fill four (4) vacant positions on the ANZSN Council, including one position dedicated for a Member resident in New Zealand.
The conduct of the election for the four (4) Member Councillor positions will follow the process and timeline set out at s36 of the ANZSN Constitution, which can be found here.

Why stand for election?
As a Councillor, you will have an opportunity to shape the strategic direction of the Society and its work in preventing and treating kidney disease through education, research and advocacy.

What is the ANZSN Council?
The ANZSN Council comprises up to 10 Member Councillors elected by Members, and up to 2 Non-Member Councillors. The ANZSN Council is responsible for overseeing the strategic and operational performance of the Society.

What is the role of a Councillor?
As a Councillor, you will be appointed a director of the company (ANZSN) under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). You must consent to this appointment. You can find out more about your duties and responsibilities as a company director here.

What is level of commitment is required?
As a Councillor, you will be required to prepare for and attend Council meetings (4-5 two hour meetings per year), Committee meetings (4-6 one hour meetings per year), the Annual General Meeting and Council’s strategic planning day (held every three years). The majority of meetings are held via teleconference.

What is the term of appointment?
Member Councillors are appointed for a term of three years and are eligible to stand for re-election for a second three-year term.

Who can stand for election?
All Ordinary and Life Members of the ANZSN are eligible to be nominated to Council and stand for election.

How do I apply?
To stand for Council, you must be nominated by two Ordinary or Life Members of the Society, and formally consent to that nomination (s 36.2, ANZSN Constitution). You may self-nominate, but your must be supported by two Ordinary or Life Members of the Society.
A copy of the nomination form can be found here.
All nominees will be invited to submit a short biography to help communicate to voters who they are, what they stand for and how they would like to make a difference to the Society if elected to Council.

What happens next?
The call for nominations will open on 3 June 2020 and close at 5pm AEST on 3 July 2020.
If there are less candidates than positions vacant on Council, the candidates (subject to certain provisions set out in the Constitution) will be directly appointed to Council and no election will be held.
If there are more candidates than positions vacant on Council, an election will be held. Voting will open on 13 July and close on 12 August 2020. The candidates with the most votes (subject to certain provisions relating to geographical representation set out in the Constitution), will be appointed to Council.
The outcome of the election process will be announced at the next Annual General Meeting which will be held at 5pm AEST on 31 August 2020.

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact the ANZSN Office at email: The Office can also connect you with one of our current Councillors if you would like to learn more about being on Council.