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ANZSN Travel Grants 


One of the key goals of the Society is to ensure that the highest professional standards are maintained for the practice of Nephrology in Australia and New Zealand by supporting and promoting renal research and education. To achieve this goal, the Society, with some assistance of its Sponsors, provides a number of travel grants for its Members to attend national and international meetings, or other development opportunities relevant to the study of the kidney and urinary tract in health and disease. Further details regarding eligibility and how to apply are described below.

The category of Travel Grants available to members include:

Membership Financial Support Limit  

Please note that the allowable Membership Financial Support Limits applies to a specific individual throughout the period of their entire career.   

Application Process 

Each year, the Society provides specific application forms for the Annual Scientific Meeting and some international meetings. Otherwise, a generic application form can be completed. Applications are called for during the relevant meeting's abstract submission and/or registration process. A specified closing date is set each year. Application forms and further details will be made available on this website (refer to the links below for the grant you are seeking) and also within the ANZSN Weekly Update once the key dates have been set.

It is important that your application is received by the Society Office by the nominated closing date. Applications received by the Society Office after the closing date will not be accepted. Once your application has been received it will be evaluated by the Society’s Scientific Programme and Education Committee (SPEC) and SPEC’s final recommendations will be ratified by the ANZSN Council. We will notify you of your application’s outcome via email once all applications for the relevant meeting have been considered. 

If applications exceed available funding, consideration will be given to (a) people who can demonstrate a value add for the period of travel (ie visiting an institution, delivering an invited lecture at a relevant unit or equivalent), b) those not previously supported, and (c) income. Applications will be ranked by the relevant committee.

There will be no discrimination between oral and poster presentations and SPEC does not judge the abstracts for the purpose of awarding travel grants. The amount of the travel grants will be at the discretion of council.


Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) Travel Grant

 To be eligible for an ASM Travel Grant, the applicant must:

Note: On occasions and at its discretion, the Council may award a lesser amount than the total amount of the standard grant. 


ANZSN Environmental Research Award 

Nephrology practice (particularly dialysis) is very resource intensive and has high environmental impact. Recognising this, and the need for change, the ANZSN, in partnership with the Renal Society of Australasia and Kidney Health Australia, has convened a working group, the Green Nephrology Action Team (GNAT) to promote and support a transformation to environmentally sustainable care in Australia and New Zealand. A major role of GNAT is to encourage research into green practice in nephrology and dialysis services. To this end, an Environmental Research Award has been developed. The eligibility criteria for the Award include:


A monetary prize of $1000 will be awarded to the highest ranked environmental abstract following peer review for the annual scientific meeting.


Submitted abstracts will be judged on

A list of suggested research topics has been developed. However, any environmentally themed research will be welcomed and considered. If the above criteria are fulfilled, you are invited to tick the environmental box during the abstract submission process for the ANZSN annual scientific meeting.

International Nephrology Meeting Travel Grant 

Major International Nephrology Meetings provide an excellent opportunity for the Nephrology Community to increase their knowledge, exchange ideas, present abstracts and learn about the latest scientific and medical advances e.g. ASN, EDTA, ISN, IPNA, APSN.

To be eligible for an International Travel Grant, the applicant must: 

 Application forms can be found by clicking here. 

Special Purpose Travel Grants -Travel Grants to attend Other Meetings, Training and Workshops 

A limited number of smaller Special Purpose Travel Grants are available to Society Members to help offset the costs of attending other nephrology meetings (national or international) or forums, training and mentoring opportunities that have direct relevance to renal research and education. Applicants should demonstrate (a) how this grant will add value to nephrology in Australia and New Zealand, and (b) how they will disseminate this work to the benefit of Society members as a whole.

To be eligible for a Special Purpose Travel Grant, the applicant must:

Application forms can be found by clicking here. 

Meeting Reports 

Successful applicants will be required to submit a report to Council at the conclusion of the meeting describing key outcomes and highlights which will be shared with Society Members via the ANZSN Newsletter, Weekly Update and/ or Website

How to Apply 

Once you have completed your application you will also need to have it signed by your Supervisor. Please note: The role of the Supervisor is to confirm that the application details are correct and the applicant is known to them.

The completed and signed form (by both parties) should be emailed to Honorary Executive Officer at