Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology

 ANZSN Travel Awards Policy


One of the key goals of the Society is to ensure that the highest professional standards are maintained for the research and practice of Nephrology in Australia and New Zealand by supporting and promoting renal research and education.

To achieve this goal, the Society, with some assistance of its sponsors, provides a number of travel awards for its Members to attend national and international meetings, or other development opportunities relevant to the study of the kidney and urinary tract in health and disease.

Awards are intended to support Members who are enrolled in a full-time higher degree (PhD, Masters or equivalent), Advanced Trainees in Nephrology (Clinical Registrars) or other Clinical Trainees involved in the area of Nephrology, and academic members involved in early to mid-career research (no greater than 10 years post PhD excluding career interruptions) full time research roles. Further details regarding eligibility and how to apply are described below.

The category of Travel Awards available to ANZSN Members include:

Membership Financial Support Limit  

Members may receive a maximum of two ANZSN ASM Travel Awards, one International Travel Award and one Special Purpose Travel Award during the period of their membership of the ANZSN. Only one award is allowed per annum (financial year).

Application Process 

The Society provides an application form which needs to be completed. Applications for specific meetings are called for during the relevant meeting's abstract submission and/or registration process. Further details are available on the website and also within the ANZSN Weekly Update. 

Closing dates:

Late applications will not be accepted.


All applications will be evaluated by the Society’s Scientific Program and Awards Committee (SPAC). Applicants will be notified of the outcome via email. 

If applications received by the Society exceed available funding, priority will be given to those not previously supported.

Note: If applying for an ASM Travel Grant or an International Travel Grant, there will be no discrimination between oral and poster presentations in considering the grant application.

Value of Travel Awards

The amount of travel grant funding is dependent upon available funds and is at the discretion of the ANZSN Council within the principle of distributing funds fairly to the membership. Awards are not intended to cover the full cost of meeting attendance but provide a contribution towards the overall costs.

The ANZSN does not provide any kind of insurance for the recipients of grant funding and it is the responsibility of travel grant recipients to insure themselves against any possible costs and consequences arising from illness, accident, personal liability and the like.

Note: The amount of the award will be determined by the Society at its absolute discretion, with the amount informed by the actual cost of attendance at the Meeting, Forum, Training Couse, Workshop or visit to host Laboratory/Institution. Applicants are required to submit a budget to support their award application.

Payment of Travel Awards

Note: Where monies are paid in advance, and a recipient is unable to attend, the award must be refunded to the ANZSN as soon as possible. A failure to refund the monies in a reasonable time may mean that the recipient’s membership of the ANZSN is forfeited.

Overall Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an ANZSN Travel Award, the applicant must:

Specific Eligibility Criteria

ANZSN Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) Travel Award

      To be eligible for an ASM Travel Award, the applicant must:

Note: ASM Travel Award recipients must attend the ASM. Travel Awards will not be awarded to those who only attend the ANZSN Nephrology and Transplantation Update Course which precedes the ASM.

International Travel Award to major Nephrology Meetings  

To be eligible for an International Travel Award, the applicant must: 

Special Purpose Travel Award -Travel Awards to attend Other Meetings, Forums, Training Course, Workshop, host Laboratory/Institution Visit 

To be eligible for a Special Purpose Travel Award, the applicant must demonstrate how their attendance at the meeting/forum/ training course, workshop or host laboratory/institution visit:

Travel Award Report 

A condition of funding is that all grant recipients are required to submit a report (300 words) to the Honorary Executive Officer at ( describing key outcomes and highlights. This report will be shared with Society Members via the ANZSN Newsletter, Weekly Update and/or Website. 

An award recipient who fails to provide a report within six weeks of the Meeting, Forum, Training Course or Workshop or Laboratory/Institution visit, will be required to refund the travel award to the ANZSN. If the refund is not received within the specified time, membership of the ANZSN may be forfeited.

How to Apply 

Click here to download the Travel Award application form.

Please note that you must attach a copy of the following to your application:

The completed application will also need to be signed by your Supervisor, whose signature attests to the correctness of the application details and that you are known to them.

The completed and signed form (by both parties) should be emailed to the Honorary Executive Officer at email: